Dances we Teach

Slow Waltz

King of all dances. Waltz's delicate yet powerful character allows it to develop the ability to balance, improve posture and teach how to move two people together in an elegant, graceful way.


A dance that resembles an argument between lovers. Sharp and jerky movements will help you stand out on the dancefloor. Connection in couple will teach the male partner to lead firmly and the female to follow gracefully.


If you like jazz and elegant dancing, this one is for you. The different styles of Foxtrot allow you to move smoothly and elegantly, keeping it stylish and rhythmical on the other hand.

Viennese Waltz

A classic and dignified dance that shifts you into a beautiful, fairytale world. Filled with grace and elegance, you will be able to shine on a chic evening event or ball.


Cuban dance of love, Rumba, develops self-control of the body, and its slow rhythm contributes to the development of hip movement called Cuban Motion. Perfect dance for couples, warming feelings in their relationship.

Cha Cha

One of the most popular Latin dances – a Cuban dance and flirt, where every man plays a macho, being seduced by the sensual moves of his lady partner.


Useful at every event, gives a great opportunity to improvise with body movement. Swing combines a wide range of musical tempo, making it easy to tailor to different types of tracks.


Hot, latino rhythms and the lively nature of Samba create the atmosphere of a true carnival. Useful at every event, can be danced to many different musical genres.


Remember the incredible dance of Johnny and Baby in Dirty Dancing? That was the unforgettable Mambo. With Afro-Cuban music in the background, the dance itself is filled with interesting interactions and humor.


One of the best party dances that anyone can learn. Simple rhythms and steps allow you to feel comfortable on the dance floor, while the attractive hip movement shifts you into the Latin world of dance.


ABBA? Boney M? Disco era? Hustle is your dance! Since the 1970s, it has been one of the most popular contemporary club dances. Turns and beautiful step compositions will help you look stylish and have fun together.


The most romantic dance. Bolero combines Waltz's sensual movement and the sensual nature of Rumba. This is a dance for advanced dancers who are looking for new ways of expressing their feelings and emotions.


The combination of Cuban and Caribbean rhythms and the spicy, dynamic nature of Salsa makes it an ideal club dance. You can even dance it in a crowdy place, without losing excitement and joy on the dance floor.


Dominican dance of love, in which the lady tempts her partner with her charms, and the partner does not become indifferent to her actions. Bachata has a simple rhythm, so that even novices get a great pleasure from it.

Argentine Tango

Internal exchange of emotions between man and woman. Unlike to the classical tango, this dance creates a wide range of interpretations of music and rhythm, which affects its individual character.

Paso Doble

A theatrical dance that evokes emotion and tells a story of a Spanish bullfight. If you want to learn a dance that is novel and unique, a dance that only the determined ones are capable of dancing well, look for Paso classes, as they will offer your chance to shine.


It is not hard to understand why more and more people are attracted to this dance. Grounded in a slow steady beat, it can be danced to modern music like R&B, Funk, and Soul. It’s almost impossible to stay away from Zouk’s energetic and sensual style.