Arthur Murray –
The Man, The Myth, The Legend

„We do not stop dancing because we grow to old; we grow old because we choose to stop dancing.”

Who is Arthur Murray and why is our dance studio named after him?

Arthur Murray is one of the most famous names in ballroom dancing.
He was the man who popularized ballroom dancing in America, and his name became synonymous with dance teaching.

Arthur’s passion for dance led him to found the world’s largest ballroom dance studio in 1912, which has been inspiring people around the world how to integrate and have fun through learning to dance for 110 years.

Arthur Murray

Arthur Murray's History

Arthur Murray was born Moses Teichman in 1895 in Ukraine (which at the time was part of Austria-Hungary) and grew up in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

As a shy, insecure boy, Arthur understood that dancing would help him feel more confident and popular with his peers. He learned to dance by practicing whenever he could, and at the age of 17, Murray began giving dance lessons at the Grand Palace in New York.

Arthur Murray’s talent for dancing soon made him one of the most sought-after instructors in New York, and in 1926 he opened his first dance studio.

The beginnings of Arthur Murray's methodology

Arthur Murray's famous Box Step

Arthur Murray’s famous dance methodology was not created overnight. Murray believed that anyone can learn to dance – it’s just a matter of time.

He began experimenting with forms of teaching, broadcasting the first “radio dance” in 1920, writing countless books and pamphlets on ballroom dancing.

He eventually started a direct mail business, sending thousands of foot contours with accompanying lines and arrows to illustrate the correct movements.

TV SHOW „The Arthur Murray Party”

The Arthur Murray Party was more than just a TV show – it was a cultural phenomenon in the 1950s-60s.

For ten years, Arthur and Kathryn Murray captivated viewers with their mysterious dances, helping to popularize ballroom dancing across the country. The program has inspired a new generation of dancers and helped make the Arthur Murray name synonymous with high-quality dance instruction.

Arthur Murray's Legacy

Arthur Murray Dance Schools continue to inspire people around the world to enjoy ballroom dancing.

Today, there are over 280 Arthur Murray Dance Studios in 25 countries, and their students of all ages can learn everything from foxtrot to waltz in an easy and quick way.

Thanks to Arthur Murray, the world is a more beautiful place, one dance step after another. 😉

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