Add more fun into your life


You can learn to dance easily at any age using Arthur Murray’s proven method

Add more fun into your life


You can learn to dance easily at any age using Arthur Murray’s proven method


Argentine Tango from Buenos Aires, it is a dance that will quickly ignite your passion. The tango moves are smooth and sensual, and you'll love the music and culture behind the dance.
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Rumba is a romantic dance that is perfect for couples. It is sensual, graceful and smooth, and can be danced to popular music at any party.
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The king of all dances and the most important ballroom dance. The waltz is the best dance to develop the perfect presentation posture, which will help you in your everyday and professional life.
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Bachata is a Dominican dance that is characterized by sensual and relaxed movements. This dance is often recommended as an effective remedy against modesty and embarrassment.
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This dance is known as the happy people dance. The music of Frank Sinatra and Glen Miller fits his character perfectly. Foxtrot is a combination of the elegance of the waltz and the flirtatiousness of the Cuban cha-cha-cha.
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Salsa is the most popular dance in the world. Latin rhythms and energy make this dance irresistible. Learn to dance salsa with Arthur Murray Dance Studio today!
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Swing is an energetic dance that is fun for everyone. There are no complicated movements here, mostly lifts, spins, and flips. The music is usually lively and upbeat. Sign up today to learn a few basic steps!
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The Hustle, also known as the Discofox, is one of our most popular dances at weddings and birthday parties. Hustle is easy to learn and can be danced to almost any popular rhythm music.
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Bolero is a sensual and expressive dance that originated in Paris during Chopin's time. Quickly gaining popularity in South America, it is the perfect dance for couples looking to add a touch of romance to their relationship.
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Cha-cha-cha is a dance of coquetry and flirtation. It improves the mood, adds endorphins. This is a great way to get moving for people who have a sedentary job. And what could be more fun than turning up the heat with your loved one by learning the cha-cha-cha?
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About us

Arthur Murray Dance Studio Warsaw is part of the world’s largest, 5-star international network of partner dance schools, covering over 280 facilities on all 5 continents.

We have been teaching people to dance for over 110 years and during this time we have created some of the most famous choreographies for such films as “Dirty Dancing”, “Scent of a Woman” and “Dance with Me”.

The following celebrities learned to dance


Arthur Murray

The following celebrities learned to dance in Arthur Murray

Richard Tiffany Gere

Jennifer Lynn Lopez

Patrick Wayne Swayze

Madonna Louise Ciccone

Our goal

Adding more fun to adult life by learning to dance.

We believe that

• every person has the ability to learn to dance
• you can and should learn to dance at any age
• dancing produces endorphins, increases self-confidence, improves posture and presentation skills.

Our dance programs:

Why you should try:

• Arthur Murray’s method was created specifically for learning to dance from scratch;

• You don’t need a dance partner – you can learn in tandem with an instructor;

Pace and schedule tailored for you – lessons as often as you like;

• You will feel an effect after the first lesson!

What is the first lesson like

1. Choose the dance you want to learn
2. Try a few steps of a dance of your choice under the supervision of an instructor
3. Learn Arthur Murray’s teaching system and method
4. Learn how to communicate with your partner without words
5. Learn how you can benefit from dance classes in your personal and professional life

If you decide to continue classes, we will create an individual schedule for you tailored for your NEEDS!

You don’t have to be a good dancer to start!



"Arthur Murray gave me a lot of joy in life. Here I found my happiness. I have always dreamed of dancing well and professionally. I like dancing and now I find myself in this dance perfectly."


"Definitely a school worth recommending. For me, it's not only body training, but also emotional release training, contact with music, acting, an opportunity to wear various costumes and impersonate various personalities."

Adriana & Daniel

"After the first few lessons, we noticed that the atmosphere in AM is unique and reminds us of the atmosphere from the "Shall We Dance" movie. The teachers are great, they teach not only the steps, but what must happen in a couple to really dance. We definitely recommend AM ."

Sylwia & Aleksander

"Olek, I got an invitation to dance lessons, it won't hurt to try." One trial lesson and a year and a half later we were prepared for our wedding (and not only) as best as possible while having fun."


"Everyone who wants to bring out their true inner beauty, I invite you to the Arthur Murray school! A great dance school, professional instructors who approach each student individually with passion and commitment, and a big heart. I highly recommend it!"

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