Our clients make their dreams come true through dance. Through learning, they begin to enjoy dancing and add more fun to their lives. Here’s what some of them say:


Our clients make their dreams come true through dance. Through learning, they begin to enjoy dancing and add more fun to their lives. Here’s what some of them say:


"Definitely a school worth recommending. For me, it's not only body training, but also emotional release training, contact with music, acting, an opportunity to wear various costumes and impersonate various personalities."


"It stands out from other dance schools with a very individual approach to each student. A very well-prepared staff of teachers puts a lot of effort to make sure that every step is correct."


"The school gives me a lot of good, from health benefits to great relationships with other participants. What I like most about it is the people, atmosphere, professionalism and great events and dance parties."

Joanna i Michał

"We recommend AM to everyone! All the teachers were very competent. There was a great atmosphere and a very nice feeling during the classes. Dancing gave us confidence on the dance floor. While we were learning to dance, everything really suited us. We felt such a nice freedom of movement!"


"Arthur Murray gave me a lot of joy in life. Here I found my happiness. I have always dreamed of dancing well and professionally. I like dancing and now I find myself in this dance perfectly."

Paulina i Paweł

"The best dance school (and we visited them a bit), full of warm, helpful and patient people."

Ewelina & Johan

"Unforgettable memories! This has been a special time and we hope we can continue this for a long time. A big thanks to the whole AM Team!"

Marzena & Stanisław

"AM is the only place where I wanted to learn to dance, where I don't have to have my own partner, she selects the program to the student's preferences and closely follows his/her progress."

Agnieszka & Ignacy

"Definitely professionalism when it comes to instructors. The fact that we learned to dance fluently and sense ourselves in the dance. Is great! Highly recommended!"

Natalia & Krzysztof

"Every lesson was a great joy, with all the people we met, with the instructors. The love for dance awakened in our hearts."

Aleksandra & Piotr

"What was originally supposed to be a preparation for a wedding dance turned into a new hobby and a way to spend time together. It's nice to come in the evening after a hard day's work and dance!"

Emilia & Mateusz

"Although at the beginning we were afraid and we didn't know how it would turn out, the atmosphere and teachers were so relaxed and open that we succeeded 😊"

Ryszard P.

"For me, dance is a recipe for moments of respite, joy of movement, joy of music, joy of being together. A dance studio is a university of joyful, emotional learning. These are the lessons you miss so much."


"Every person who wants to bring out their true inner beauty, I invite you to the Arthur Murray school! A great dance school, professional instructors who approach each person individually with passion and commitment and a big heart. I highly recommend it!"

Marzena & Paul

"Thanks to learning, we've been dancing for half a year now, we have no problem dancing. The classes gave us more confidence on the dance floor. And it brought us closer!"


"Arthur Murray Dance Studio is a great place to learn different variety of dances in a fast and easy way. I will definitely recommend to people of all ages."

Małgorzata M.

"My figure improved, I straightened up, I stopped slouching, I started to walk more confidently - so that I could be seen, and not scurry around like a gray mouse!"

Jarosław T.

"Great people, trustworthy. A rarity these days. I recommend. Passion and commitment. Don't hesitate."


"It influenced my social life because I am new to Warsaw. Here at the studio I met new people and now I have even more social life than before. If you want to be happy, you have to Dance!"

Adriana i Daniel

"After the first few lessons, we noticed that the atmosphere in AM is unique and reminds us of the atmosphere from the movie "Dance with me". The teachers are great, they teach not only the steps, but what must happen in a couple to really dance. We definitely recommend AM "

Aleksandra & Adrian

"The wedding finale made us realize that this is just the beginning of our wonderful adventure with dancing at Arthur Murray School! Thank you very much for your new wonderful passion!!!"

Sylwia & Aleksander

"Olek, I got an invitation to dance lessons, it won't hurt to try." One trial lesson and a year and a half later we were prepared for our wedding (and not only) as best as possible while having fun."

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